The Alchemist

The Alchemist is a novel written by Paulo Coelho and got published by Harper Torch in the year 1988 in Portuguese language and then in 1993 in English language.

The book ” The Alchemist ” has been loved by people so much that it got translated into 70 languages, became an International Best Seller! It comes under the genre of Adventure, Fantasy and Quest.

This book is a story  of a Shepard boy named, Santiago ,from Andalusia. The boy embarks upon a journey in search of a treasure that he had dream off. To discover The treasure he heads up for the Egyptian Pyramids!

The books main core is “when you really want something to happen, the whole universe will conspire so that your wish comes true”. 

The Alchemist makes you understand that why The treasure of Self Discovery is a true treasure rather than the Materialistic Treasure!

Very unfortunately, we keep on running after things on and on.. always settling goals on goals and even after achieving them we never find our true happiness in that.. its all temporary. Because we fail to realize that our true happiness exists with in not outside of us!

The Alchemist is a Self help book touching your soul in the arena of spirituality giving you the finest lesson of life what the true treasure is!

What are the key factors of  The Alchemist ?

The Alchemist explains that your Destiny is your Personal Legend! We certainly meet four kinds of obstacles in our lives which restricts us in meeting up our Personal Legend-Our Destiny!!

Lets discuss what kind of obstacles does The Alchemist talks about.

  1. The very first kind of obstacle that we begin to meet is since from our childhood. And what is that, well they are those people who loves to pull you down or put you down! And what they say is or their most favorite word for you is IMPOSSIBLE!! They are the people who makes you believe your wish or your dream is just impossible and you can Never achieve it.
  2. LOVE : Well i think love is the most beautiful feeling in the entire universe. A true love doesn’t just strengthens you but weakens you at the same time. Therefore, if you fail to check on your feelings while struggling down to achieve your goal you may never be able to fulfill your dream. So definitely fall in love intensely but don’t let your feelings to overpower you in such a manner that you will be left out as a looser in life.
  3. As life and death are two sides of life, likewise Success and defeat too. By fearing out of defeat before even trying out to succeed is always the biggest loss. You may or may not win but always give your best effort to win it!
  4. Fear of realizing the dream, we want to cherish the best dreams and are too afraid to go through something which can be even a little edgy for us. Life is a roller coaster if there are ups so there will be downs too!!

Why you should read ” The Alchemist ” ?

I am sure i don’t need to answer this as you must be eager to read it or must have already read it. But still i would like to share why i loved this beautifully written book is

  1. It assures you believing in yourself in your heart is always the best decision that you can ever make. You should always trust your heart no matter what people may say.
  2. You must know how much alive and active the universe is with our ever going thoughts. It sends you many inconspicuous signs which helps you in reaching up to your desired goals or dreams.
  3. Distractions got to distract you only. But that is who you are and what you choose the Personal Legend or the Distractions.
  4. Sometimes even the most ordinary thing or the simple thought can get you from something to everything. Its just that how you take it as. Even the most ordinary things can turn into Extra ordinary things. You Never know!
  5. Finally, the finest thing of life it tells you is “when you really want something to happen, the whole universe will conspire so that your wish comes true” the true Treasure.

So, Go and discover your true Treasure!!

Thank you!!!

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The Alchemist By Paulo Coelho- The Best Selling Book!!
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