The Best Selling Book of all times !!!

Conversation With God
Conversation With God

Conversation With God was published by Hodder & Stoughton, London, 1997, ISBN 0 340 69325 8.

The Best Selling Book Conversation With God book 1 has been considered a life changing book for millions of people. Conversation With God has not just been the hit as the best selling book for Two and half years,  infact it has been such a popular book among its readers that it got translated into 34 languages also, not just that but Conversation With God got released into its never ending series that is in four volumes.

 Conversation With God ” by Neale Donald Walsch.

Yes you read it right it got released into Four volumes and each and every volume had been The Best selling Book in New York Times Best seller list. The book Conversations with God has just not stopped there infact it got released into a movie with the name Conversation With God showing the author’s experience opened in theaters across the United States on October 27, 2006. Where the role of Neale Donald Walsch was played by Henry Czerny in the film directed by Stephen Deutsch. 

Conversation With God -The Best Selling Book of all times !!!

Conversation With God book 1, Conversation With God book 2, Conversation With God book 3  conversation With God book 4 !!! 

     But what this Best Selling Book Conversation with God is all about? Why it got so much Popularity? 

Well if you can feel so you can communicate with God! This book is not just a question and answer book like we are asking and god is replying.. This book tells you how does God communicates. Because talking is limited with words but communication is above all it touches the soul through the feelings and thus the right thoughts. God communicates with every one but still few manages to listen to him. Why? Because few can feel the existence of him and can listen to him. We all pray god but how many of us Pray with Gratitude!  This Gratitude is nothing but Faith that you have in him.

We humans live in just two kinds of emotions: Fear or love! But most of us and most of the times we choose to live in fear.. sometimes intentionally so sometimes unintentionally. And watching someone getting glorified we question ourselves.. where we lacked.. well its just that they chooses love over fear. The purpose of life is not discovery but The Creation! Life is to be Glorified!

The Best Selling Book of all times !!!

We all go through the bad so worse and worst phases of life, where sometimes some people even losses their urge to live their life! Well, that certainly happens with each one of us being the part of this universe.

This book will not just help you in restoring your faith in God but also in Yourself!!

I would highly recommend this best selling book to all those people who have even little faith in god or going through the rough time in their lives.. and at the same time i want to thank Mr. Neale Donald Walsch for writing down a such a lovely fantabulous book for us and making us to be at the true path of spirituality to reach to god.

Thank You 🙂 Check More Books Review 

Best Selling Book Conversation With God by Neale Donald Walsch

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