This is not just for mothers, instead, this is also for all children of beautiful mothers…

“A MOTHER is always a special person, well i’m not saying that dad is not.. Daddy’s are our HERO’s and will always be..But keeping DAD’S a little side am focusing on MOTHER’s only today.”

Lovely Mommy!!!

There are so many things that we say to you some good so bad too! But the thing which we do always,  we miss to say is We Love You MOM !!! You are the reason why we come into this world. Sometimes, yes please agree you do irritate us.. but then we know you are the one who loves us the most!

A mother’s mind works for 24X7 for her children. The day you become a Mother then all of your life you act, think, live as a Mother only! May be that is why, Women die more with Hyper-Tensions!

It’s next to impossible to make you understand that yes We can take good care of ourselves in your absence! But i know you will never agree because we all know you are our best care taker! You don’t know our problems only but the solutions too that sometimes we too can never think off!!! Yes Mom, i do agree!!


Today, i want to say THANK YOU!!!    

No!! It’s not any MOTHER’s DAY!! But, Every day is a MOTHER’s Day!!


I want to say Thank You,


”You have turned a baby into a lady/Man,
all u had to offer was the promise of a lifetime love,

because all i know is that there is no love like a MOTHER’s love,

the love you gave will always live,

you take my weakness and make me strong,

you will always be there whenever i’ll fall down,

all i can say is that i’ll be your beacon through the darkest nights,

i’ll be the shelter through your gaging storms,

and i’ll love u till forever comes…………

because there is no love like a MOTHER’S love…….

I Love You Mom……… :)))”

I may not be your best Daughter but YOU ARE A BEST MOTHER!!! ? ? :* :* 

A letter to Mom !!!

2 thoughts on “A letter to Mom !!!

  • May 6, 2018 at 3:02 pm

    Very touching. Real truth.
    There is no alternative of a mother in this world.
    Just to add what Osho said about woman and mother.
    ” When a women delivers a baby, there are two births. A baby is born and a woman becomes a mother. So no pregnancy is a single pregnancy. All pregnancies are twin pregnacy.”

    • May 7, 2018 at 12:49 pm

      Absolutely True! There is no alternative to a Mother’s Love! Thanks a lot for spending your precious time! Keep reading, keep enjoying! 🙂 🙂


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